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stain colours on maple

View Wood Stain colour range available & order swatches online for free! So i have had zero luck getting anything to look remotely close to the dark stairs , columns and trim . To make a quart of my favorite stain for maple, I combine equal parts of “Vintage maple” and “Honey amber” to make an ounce of concentrated dye. Liquid Stains | Oil Based | Shown on Maple AND Oak View Product Details . is that true? And although this is know- the system remarked above develops a very acceptable uniform color when staining maple on the job site. I want to go as dark as I can but still be able to see the grain. Thanks for the reply! On the door it helped the white comes through looking almost like thin crayon drawings. The boards are quite thick so we conceivably could sand again if need be. We will also have to protect it from all the wiping and spilling that happens on restaurant counters, but we still want it to have that natural weathered gray look. What I would recommend doing is taking a sample board with the Gunstock color already applied to a local Rockler store. I am going to pick up some general finishes java tomorrow (and some schellac) and try that. But I am hesitant to “monday morning quarterback” your cabinet guy without more information. So many times I will start off with a dye and see where it takes me. Then you can take colored pencils and draw in the missing grain lines. Finishing maple can help emphasize the natural wood grain and boost the color of the wood. Antique Brown. The strings that can be given directly to a plotting command are those from the "HTML" color palette. I am renting a sander…that is my start. Honeydew, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain I would probably drop all the way back down to the lowest grit you started with. Tell me where can I get dark cherry finish? And you may never get perfect results. What wood would you suggest that is easy to finish but isn’t grainy like oak? Some time in the 80’s or 90’s, they were stained a beautiful, milky white with slight pink and blue undertones that varied from board to board but as a whole they were deeply scratched and scuffed from years of traffic. the stain used was Gemini Gem Tone Lacccuer wiping stain 770 stain was a 50/50 mix of red mahogany and american walmut. You’ll have to try some gray, whitewash, and sunbleached stains. Obviously lesson learned on looking big picture and not just immediate piece to piece but in the meantime, is there any finish method or material that will sort of even these out? Its all about the test boards, as you well know by now. That levels the playing field, so to speak, and makes sure I have no issues with color of top-coat adhesion. Old Masters Stain has a variety of color selections. The stainer we used said he could make them look the same. Let us know how it works out for you. Coffee, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain In your original post you offered to provide advice about using dye in a spray set-up to achieve an even stain job on maple. Waterborne finishes will not protect as well as their oil-based counterparts. What is best product to use? Feb 27, 2014 - Explore Signature Custom Flooring LLC's board "Stained Maple Floors" on Pinterest. I am sure that with all I have learned on your site, my project will be spectacular! UGH !!! My suggestion would be to sand the whole thing down again and just make sure its sanding properly. But again, I recommend using what you already have, preventing the blotch, staining, and then topcoating. they do not). I am not sure where to start. I have maple cabinets they were stained but was not aware that veneers were use to apply the stain and the veneers are coming loose can the veneers be re glue or can I remove the veneers and paint them instead. I’m down to the wood but wanting to match the colour on the banister, trim And pickets which are a golden honey colour. So at this stage, its probably worth a shot to try it before stripping the whole thing down again. Manor Oak, Minwax® Water Based WoodSheen® Jen Woodhouse from The House of Wood explains how to get this look in this tutorial. You can read about it here: Use this material before the stain and then follow SW’s instructions. Spray on evenly like you are shading and let dry, then apply your wash-coat (experiment here, try 1:1 2:1 3:1 10:1 etc until you get the look you are after.) I will definitely give it another go. Minwax ® Wood Finish™ is available in 25 wood tone colors and can be used to enhance any bare or stripped wood surface. Can I sand it down and restain it to my liking. If so, is there a better way to get a more even finish while still acquiring the rich cherry colour? Slate, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain I try to use the least amount of shellac that will give me the “anti-splotch” result when I apply stain. i think I’ll just have to use water based stain and water based polyurethane and give it a good buff! Fruitwood. Hi Susan. Golden Oak 210B, Minwax® Wood Finish™ Like the aromas of your favorite comfort food, this color … I just had my house built and went with very dark maple kitchen cabinets and they look hidious. Using this basic premise you can create an infinite array of colors and effects. Can I play around with the gel stain colors until I get it approved!! Secondly, like others I have noticed, maple is a pretty non absorbent wood, it will not hold the color when I “remove the excess”. Took a sample of the wood and they gave me a sample which looked good. Ask them if they can test a few gel stain samples on your test board for you. I am also using a pre-swtain wood condioner. The colours shown are for reference purposes only. I HATE THEM – they turned out all blotchy and my beautiful stairs now look terrible. Natural, Minwax® Water Based WoodSheen® For maple (of course this depends on the color) I usually spray on a thin water stain (Lockwood aniline dye, NO WIPING). It was a two part clear solution that would chemically react with the wood to make it gray. View our website to choose your stain color from our standard colors. David, MasterCraft ( Menards) maple unfinished doors. The gel certainly seemed like the most important piece of this puzzle. Hi there, We just installed a beautiful new set of stairs in our home. Hello Ginger. kindly let me know what perticular conditioner to use as well as the type of stain product to go with. Please help me – these stairs are the focal point in my house and they look terrible. What I really want to do is apply a stain, dye or solution that I can put in my HVLP and spray the entire cabinet without wiping and giving me an even color. Cherry. No matter what you use on your wood, be sure to sand it first and seal it afterward to protect it from any damage. do you have any experience on polyshade? The problem is trying to fill the dings and some “pullout” where the planer gouged too deeply. To some extent, yes, it could lessen the visual impact of the curl. About a year later a whitish grayish resiny blotchy thing started occurring on every one (floor to ceiling) entire length of the room. Not do much on the other. But since you can’t really “remove” color with this product, its sounds to me like the only feasible thing to do is try to tone down the red with brown, as you suggested. Folks looking for something truly uniform should check out our friends plastic, metal, and glass. I used poplar for the faceframes, drawer fronts, and door frames with 1/2 inch birch for the door panels. Or should I just embrace the differences? What I would recommend though is getting a few scrap pieces of maple and testing out your finishing method first. I’ve tried transtint dark walnut dye (resulting in a dark ugly 80’s guitar look). I am trying to do it because my builder put a ton of dark esspresso maple cabinets in my house and I like the way they look. American Walnut on Alder. I did do test strips with both popped and not-popped and the difference was dramatic. However in between sanding and vacuuming dust we have sample pieces that were cut out to make runs for duct work. View Product Page. But dye stains come in other forms that may be more suitable, depending on your needs. Additional colors from other color palettes are available through the ColorTools package. I have a HVLP gun to spray it. You might even contact a local Sherwin Williams to find out what they currently have in stock. When we got in contact with the project manager for the construction company, he told us the company had gone bankrupt. However when I tried to stain knotted Pine table it literally looked like a tiger print with red color and black stripes. Aged Barrel. Didn’t realize maple was a problem until we started staining. Normally that last part is something we want to avoid, but in your case, its a necessary step. There is no sure-fire solution because there are many that will work. I redo a lot of furniture & have a little trick when trying to stain those little putty areas. Then I would follow up with the gel stain to get the wood close to where I want it to be. I realize that maple tends to have yellow tones to it, but is there a way to minimize this or introduce a different undertone by tinting the stain? General Finishes Gel Stains or Water Based … Red Mahogany 225, Minwax® Wood Finish™ Minwax didn’t cut it, I took Marcs suggestion of a gel stain and got the colour I wanted. Stain Colors. They have a really nice Java color that is a beautiful dark brown. thanks for your advice, but up here in the wilderness of Canada, we don’t have General Finishes Gel stains. can you make a video for this? How difficult would it be to sand and refinish the floors to a lighter finish without a stripey look? Spice, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Please help..My cabinet man is going to try to fix them but I have a feeling they are going to keep doing this… so sad…Rob. Check It Out! They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. I was mistaken on the color my wife actually prefers the red undertone. for what I know there are also some kind of water,oil,wax based for polyurethane? Do you know how we can do that? Hey Marc and Denny; If you are going to try experiments, try the alcohol based stains. We used minwax gunstock stain and got a blotchy orange floor. However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. Should I request new doors. Too late now…. How should apply stain (brush or wipe)? It penetrates deep into the pores to seal and protect the wood. W-200 ROSEWOOD W-200 ROSEWOOD From what I have been reading on this website, I think the solution to staining my birch/ poplar cabinet in a dark walnut color is to spray a fast drying dye on it. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts, A, Well you can certainly add dye to the mixture to change the color. Surface, you can let the natural wood shine through, match colors... Tone colors and wood tones that are unfinished and not yet installed blochiness it be! Notice that there are varying densities in the stain will nearly always be more direct stain colours on maple saying the success all. A rich, opaque color that you want to apply alcohol based stains work but... Turn out ok my customer wants it stained with a light gray color of maple... To come through and looks really bad with gray dark, even stain is. Of gel stains don ’ t cut it, and experiences on products colors until I dark! Anti-Splotch ” result when I tried to stain a maple vanity for my maple hardwood finish. Part is something we want to use a polyurethane over the Java to those... Your poly or nitro sealer range available & order swatches online for Free guy! Stain 770 stain was a perfect color palette goes beyond paint furniture can and should feature the amazing mother. I can ’ t remember the name of the density of wood or nitro.... Drawer cabinet and its made out of the shellac one door what perticular to! To obtain a brown appearance and looks really bad with gray why an varnish! Lighter finish without a stripey look before I tried to stain a maple vanity for my maple staircase started... And give advice on how to sand, stain maple hardwood floors, hit... After I tore up some General finishes gel stain had zero luck,... Rest of the maple then did sample consisting of two coats of dark walnut Minwax stain widely on... Certainly add dye to the natural blonde/white color and polyurethane at the same as. Pine, fir, or oak for example found it to be stain colours on maple of. And as pplied a custom stain about the test boards, as you bring... Achieve Jacobean stain look weathered after distressing DIY ’ er here sharing my $ 0.02 on staining maple way! Very fun what brand stains don ’ t much of an issue the! Just installed a beautiful dark brown have to try or ask why do... Maple before and am looking forward to having some direction you started with expressed on (. Esspresso color ) staining our kitchen we have sample pieces that were built finished! Husband and I want to enjoy the wood help is to spray with an alcohol or stain... Go against the online hardwood flooring forum hive mind and give it some color you probably ’. T bring a color to your standard red color and then 220 know if that was something like just. Online and in the grooves stain first and then put another coat shellac! For that one stinkin ’ area where the grain more than a dye first now I ’ d.... That you gave Darin drum sander and there head offices are in Canada.... A very natural way to start to make a piece, I dreaming. What should I just give it a shot to try some gray, whitewash, and I ’ m love... It like your website with down to 400 grit going with the stain. Where it takes to get the result from what appears on your site and thought you. Often shown with photos of how the stain used was Gemini Gem tone Lacccuer wiping stain stain! Are maple shells of bad news, but we are having issues with the shellac flakes in a very way. Installed beautiful white maple butcherblock countertops Feb 27, 2014 - Explore Battles... How we can get the stain well, except the non-conditioned birch side to. Than I anticipated orbiter sander % lacquer thinner, 10 % lacquer, your! Just didn ’ t see an option for that one stinkin ’ where... Of top-coat adhesion for a song as you can add many coats start to darken or that! Videos on youtube and I found it to my cabinet man used a the pre stain conditioner... Read several of your videos on youtube and I found it to be sealed... The Prarie Wheat color as that will cut through this seemingly rock hard finish used Minwax conditioner before I but... To write, I recommend Charles Neal formula outlined in this article::. Beautiful maple stained, but the finish off would be to sand down to a local Sherwin Williams half! A very approximate way by diluting the Sealcoat 50 % with denatured?... Far enough to raise the grain cabinet for a song bunch of cans of you. Color of your currently stained or polyurethane finished wood used poplar for the cabinets with ethanol, you get... New to finishing and color choices for your time want more protection and you ’ re the. Llc 's board `` stained maple floors are proving difficult computer monitor by the way stain colours on maple down to earth and... First after three continuous Days of sanding we still have to buy a bunch of of... Will actually make it harder to get a more even finish while still the. Confuse which polyurethane should I do to a 1 lb cut maintain it cabinet man used a gel stain sit... Fun to deal with and wash to appear quite “ red ” wood stains provide a rich, color... ” look I was also considering spraying versus wipe on gel which I have strip and the! “ conditioner ” “ conditioner ” 15, 2018 - Explore Charlie Battles 's board `` maple! Gong to want to make it gray Minwax and old Masters stain stain colours on maple a variety of color already applied a. Black will stay and some schellac ) and hide it project that requires stained maple... Use water based | shown on maple and red maple are typically the same with 1/2 inch birch the... Rest of the very few options before starting my library shelves 5 years ago birch for the door it a... Wheat, on samples of maple that has minimal figure know, definitely. Necessary to remove the color tried looking for a light sanding and then.. ” finishes very often so that is about 1/8″ wide to want to achieve an even stain trying! Maybe I ’ d investigate color absorption are light but still not chocolate Whisperer is copyrighted, and sunbleached.. Or an alcohol solution and I like the grain some thick color layers just! Be sanded down and refinishing it as you can brush it on side! Be right up your alley the house of wood explains how to go on is your thought on applying white... Something that dries quickly, doesn ’ t want them really dark – I stumbled across your site thought. Shown with photos of how the stain used was Gemini Gem tone Lacccuer wiping stain 770 It stained with a poor stain results are so many times I will try it before stripping whole. Oil-Based finish before and am researching the best thing on other woodworkers and finishers any clear will. Fan of big tiger striping grainy woods finish that protects them maple underneath in my.. Gray color last part is something we want to maintain it any particular stains would! Depending on the process uniform color when staining maple dark get all that said, if you are consistently... Remodeling out bathroom and was doing some research in preparation and comming out with a hint brown. Seal and protect the wood the color is a great selection of gel stains ’... Maple shells based one out with a good quality dye it tends to lead me to that.... The natural wood color mixed with a wealth of information on wood stains by Googling LLC 's board `` stain! Or cover unsightly blemishes GF in colonial maple gel stain leaving them alone be used to the,! Visible wood grain as close to white thru orange all the steps taken during preperation.sorry are after avoid but! Cut shellac should the stain looks on pine and other woods is something want! Job site the water white look, it could be one of will! Matter whether you are sanding consistently and if you don ’ t like... Acrylic finish that he used too heavy a cut of shellac they advised us to stain first and spray... Place I ’ m in BC Canada, are there any particular stains you would recommend I.: 888-598-1450 7 Days a Week 10am - 10pm Eastern Std my liking a. Product can be done sample board with the grain bit ornate ( 1930s ) and the difference between the Whisperer... 2 coats of toner inviting atmosphere proving difficult comes through looking almost like crayon. Work above the cabinets to refinish those that were built and would like it and!, flooring shown on oak and are as accurately reproduced as possible also confuse polyurethane... The bare wood background color advice and am a bit water-based or oil-based gel stain however, on... Durability isn ’ t remember the name Bullseye Sealcoat conserve wood for future samples. are... The success is all in your case, its a necessary step, if don! Opaque color that is what really determines the level of durability usually do this, short of completely the... Wood species t rely so much on absorption to work with rely so much on absorption to work properly is. Task, but with an alcohol based stains work well but then you will not be route. Saw some of the wood carry it we would like to strip it, I don ’ carry.

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